söndag 25 maj 2014

Helsinki, Stockholm

We're gettin' ready for our trip to our neighbors in Suomi! Apollo live club in Helsinki is about to get their socks rocked of! If you're there! Stop by and sing along! It sure will be a night to remember! Wednesday May 28th. Then we're of to Stockholm for a tight and warm gig at Medusa in gamlastan.
Stop by and hang out! See u guys next week! ROCK N ROLL!

Other news about the record... We've been pretty delayed as u may've noticed. But we got a little surprise comin' up this summer.. So Stay tuned!


lördag 10 maj 2014

Thank U Scharinska! Thank U Nicke Borg!

Thank U Nicke Borg, Scharinska and to all of u who came out to rock with us! Rock n Roll sure aint big here in Umeå! But definitely not DEAD! BIG UP and thanx for the love and support! We got some rad photos and vids from last night as well! To be posted later! Here's 2 photos that sums it up! By: Roger Degerman.
Next up is tonights acoustic gig! Then we're of to Helsinki! See u out there!

Stay tuned for more rad new yo!

måndag 7 april 2014

May! May! May!

Catch us live in May @!

7/5 Scharinska The Venue, Umeå (With Nicke Borg Homeland, Solo)
10/6 Clip, Umeå (Acoustic)
28/5 Apollo, Helsinki
30/5 Medusa Bar, Stockholm

Stay tuned for more dates and news!

lördag 22 mars 2014

Nicke Borg Homeland + Supercharged Pitbulls May 7th @ Scharinska, Umeå

We're super stoked to announce that Nicke Borg Homeland is paying us a visit here i Umeå on his solo tour in May! And none the less than your fav rock n roll band Supercharged Pitbulls will support him @ Scharinska may 7th. So clear your calendar and make room for a big night out @ scharinska! Rock n Roll to the bone! See u guys out there! More news to be announced further on!

måndag 27 januari 2014

Record! Spotify! Rock N Roll!

Beeen preeeettyyy busy practicing the last few weeks. We'll enter the studio 7th of February! WE'RE SUPER EXCITED! Some of the songs are so goooood they'll make u frustrated! haha. A grate mix of some heavy riffin attitude songs combined with a more improved popish boyband touch! So im not sure where this will land exactly! It's damn god for sure! So hope u guys are as excited as we are!
We'll put out some studio footage as soon as we're in PRODUCTION! So stay tuned and listen the shit out of our last record "Knocked Out" Also make sure to follow us on ---> spotify <--- nbsp="" p="">
And hey! U can order "Knocked Out" right here! ----> our WEBSHOP and INTERPUNK

Besides this we're still working on some rad happenings! We're excited to tell u all about it later!
Stay tuned! Thanx for supporting! U Rock!!! 

måndag 6 januari 2014


What's up?
We hope u enjoyed your holidays! We sure did! Getin' ready to enter the studio!
Here's some news! U can now purchase your copy of "Knocked Out" over @ interpunk.com
So order your self some rocking rock n roll for god sake!

måndag 30 december 2013

Temporary site!

Hi folks! Rockers and punx!
Here's our "improved" blogg/website! Got some new functions as u can see!
Go to our webshop to the right ---->
Wisit our facebook and listen to our music @ spotify here @ the top!
See our videos under "Media" and send us some emails under "contact"
That's it! :D Hope u like it!

As i said this is a temporary site! We're working on a new website to be launched together with the new record this spring/summer! So for now! Enjoy this one!

Thanx and rock n roll!

onsdag 18 december 2013

Release Gig!

We'll have a small release party for our vinyl @ Verket 11th of January! Party all night long! Rock N Roll all night long! We'll have some heavyriffin bad-ass rockers from Skellefteå with us together with our friends in Clark Lane! So this will be a grate night! Knocked Out will be up for grabs @ the Venue along with some T-shirts! More info can be found HERE!

Also we got a small web-shop up and running! So hit the jump and order this years christmasgift to your mum or dad, wife or kids! Or just to your self! ----> WEBSHOP

fredag 13 december 2013

Knocked Out

The record is here!
And u can now get your own simply by contacting us or visit our web-shop http://superchargedpitbulls.bigcartel.com/

Photo By: Daniel Knutsen dovearea.se

Big up to our dawg Johan @ Pusher for making this happen! Pusher Family is on the move folks!
Stay tune for more rad news, gigs and happenings!

Order and spread some rock n roll!!!

måndag 2 december 2013



Last show @ Scharinska together with The Friday Prophets was a blast! We performed 4 new songs and got some grate response! The dudes in Friday Prophets killed it as well! Check them out and buy their record "Bits & Pieces"

We'll start rehearsing for our record right about NOW! So we'll lay low for a while! Focusing on getting all the songs together. We'll hit the studio in mid/late January together with Eken @ Ljudkross to record the drums. Super excited about this to happen! Our first full-length! Hope u guys are as excited as we are?

And yeah! Our Vinyls will be shipped this week! So pretty soon you'll be able to get your own copy of "Knocked Out" Info on that as soon as we receive the records our selfs :D

Over and Out!
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